Everyone can benefit from the magnificent properties of silk, whether you have hair extensions, straight, wavy, coiled or curly hair that is natural, blow dried, or styled. It protects your hair from tangles, maintains hair styles longer, and keeps hair healthy, moisturised and shiny. The smooth surface of our silk pillowcases reduces friction on your hair and skin, which helps to prevent damage, frizzy bed head and split-ends. Skin glides across the smooth surface of the silk, thus reducing and preventing skin creases which can lead to the formation of wrinkles.

Our silk products are the ideal choice for anyone with sensitive or problematic skin conditions; the smooth surface is gentle, non-abrasive and does not irritate the skin. We have the strictest standards and only allow the use of Certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100; this means our products are free of all harmful dyes and chemicals.

Hair extensions are attached with bonds that pull and tug on the roots of your natural hair. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase helps to reduce the friction that pulls and weakens roots and bonds. Using our silk pillowcase and silk scrunchies will minimise tangling and matting and prolong the life of your hair extensions, ensuring they look better for longer.

Unlike other fabrics which may pull and tug on your lashes, our silk enables the lashes to glide over the pillowcase. Preventing damage and prolonging the life of your lash extensions.  

Momme was introduced by the Japanese as the standard imperial measurement of the density used for silk fabric. The higher the momme, the tighter the weave, meaning more silk is used per square inch.

A 22mm pillowcase has 20% more silk per square inch that a 19mm pillowcase. However, we wanted to create a luxurious, high quality and durable product.  So, 25 momme is used in our príve collection. This has up to 30% more silk than other merchants. Higher momme also makes the fabric more opaque, gives it an even softer feel and a deeper colour.

Purchasing a 25 momme product is an investment, due to its exceptional quality and longer shelf-life. The cost maybe slightly higher than lower momme alternatives, however, it is much more cost effective in the long run, when you consider your health, beauty, well being and quality of sleep.

Silk has always been associated with luxury; pure silk still commands a significant price tag as it requires expertise and a considerable amount of time to weave. Some manufacturers mix other fabrics with the silk fibre to reduce the price and therefore its quality. They can maintain the texture of silk but reduce or diminish its benefits as the absorbency, hypo-allergenic properties and frictionless surface of the fabric are altered.

Satin may imitate silk’s natural beauty, suppleness and light refraction but that is where the similarities end.

Silk is a natural protein fibre whilst satin is a man-made weave. Although satin was traditionally made from silk, today it is not uncommon to find satins made from a variety of synthetic fibres including polyester, rayon and nylon.

Cotton absorbs the natural oils, serums/ creams and bacteria from your face and hair. These then accumulate on your pillowcase night after night! Traditional pillowcases can also cause damage to hair and delicate facial skin as they don’t have the smooth properties of silk. Silk allows your skin and hair to glide along its surface, whereas cotton tugs, resulting in sleep creases and damage to your hair.

The choice of pillowcase has a big impact on our health, beauty and quality of sleep. The advantages of silk over satin and cotton pillowcases are that they are naturally hypoallergenic, naturally inhospitable to dust mites and mould, breathable and temperature regulating. For more information on the advantages of silk please read silk benefits.

The high grade quality silk is used in our Sílk Company products, which means our pillowcases are machine washable. We recommend washing inside out on a cold wash or at a maximum temperature of 30°C. Use a PH neutral detergent and keep away from harsh chemicals including bleach. 

For further, in depth information for all our products please read silk care

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