Silk Care

Contrary to popular belief, silk is one of the strongest and most durable natural fibres. However, silk fibres can lose strength when wet, following these care instructions will ensure your silk’s natural properties are maintained. So you can preserve its appearance, benefit from its qualities and extend the life of you Sílk Company products.


Ordinarily silk should only be hand washed or dry cleaned due to its delicate fibres. Hand washing using cool water will extend the life of your silk products; however our high quality and durable silk can be machine washed.


  • Use cool/ warm water (maximum 30ºC). Machine or hand wash. 
  • Only use silk friendly/ delicate pH neutral detergent. Do not use fabric softener. Do not use bleach.
  • Towel/ air/ line dry. Do not tumble dry.



(scrunchies, eye masK, FACE MASK and pillowcases)

  • We recommend hand-washing your silk in cool/warm water (maximum 30ºC)
  • Dissolve silk friendly/ delicate pH neutral detergent into warm water.
  • This will maximise the life span of the silk as the enzymes in standard washing detergents attack proteins; as silk is created from natural proteins, these enzymes attack the silk structure and damage the fabric, reducing the life, sheen and suppleness.
  • Add your silk product to the water; do not leave it to soak. Gently rub any stains.
  • Rinse with warm water until all remaining detergent has been removed.
  • Carefully squeeze any excess water, but avoid wringing or twisting as this will damage the silk.
  • To remove excess water and for faster drying you can place the item on a light coloured, clean, dry towel. Roll in the towel and gently press; this will absorb the excess water.



  • Tip: To protect the seams and to avoid any risk of snagging or damage within the drum of your machine, place your silk pillowcase inside a cotton one or in a mesh laundry/ delicates bag.

  • Turn the pillowcase inside out

  • Never mix colours to avoid any transferring of dyes

  • Always use a PH neutral washing detergent specifically designed for washing silk or delicate fabrics. Biological and non biological detergents are not suitable for washing your pillowcase, and should never be used to wash any of our products.

  • Always wash on a delicate cycle.

  • Using a cold temperature setting (maximum 30ºC).


  • We strongly advise against tumble drying your silk products.
  • Air dry, flat or on a clothing line avoid pegs or use pegs for delicate fabrics to avoid marks or indentations.
  • Away from direct sunlight and heat, do not place directly on a radiator.


  • Always cool iron on reverse (inside out), preferably whilst the silk pillowcase is still damp. Or use a garment steamer.


  • Always an option, (do not to use trichloroethylene)


  • DO NOT USE bleach, brighteners or stain removers as they can damage the silk fibres.


    • Do not use fabric softeners as they will clog the silk fibres and reduce its lustre and natural suppleness.
    • Silk will occasionally benefit from conditioning.

Add ¼ cup of distilled white vinegar to 3.5 litres of cold water. Submerge the product and swish around.

Remove from the water and rinse several times in clean cool/ warm water

Carefully squeeze any excess water, avoid wringing or twisting air / line dry.

Sílk Company products are hypo-allergenic, the naturally occurring proteins in the silk make it adverse to mould, mildew, fungi and resistant to dust mites. Our silk products do not require washing as frequently as other fabrics, as moisture and dirt is not absorbed deep within the fibres.

We would also recommend washing scrunchies as infrequently as possible in order to maintain their longevity.